Jay Huang

Hello! My name’s Jean Huang but I go by Jay! I am an illustrator and graphic designer.

︎︎︎ jhng17@gmail.com
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Phoebe Bridgers Punisher Redesigns

Tarot card themed designs for Phoebe Bridger’s Punisher album. Each card represents one of the three songs featured on the album. Designs align with song content and tarot card beliefs. An extra alternate is also included.

Splatoon 2 Splat League

Splatoon 2 is a Ninetendo video game that I love playing. Fictional character personas were created based on my personal customizations and put on a fictional team, The Stinging Marlins. Athlete player cards, similar to collectible baseball cards, were made for each character.

Beware Rainbow Capitalism PSA

A public service announcement regarding Rainbow Capitalism, which refers to when corporations release LBGTQ+ campaigns not for advocacy but for profits.

Ponyo Title Card Redesigns

Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo movie poster redesigns

Fun Illustrations

Fun little illustrations that I’ve created over the years.