Hailey Gettel

Hello! I currently am a part time graphic designer that is always picking up freelance work when I can. I love designing and creating everything. I have done things from designing and wrapping a race car to working in a print shop producing their large format prints to simply designing flyers. I’m always looking to grow and take on new challenges. I have 5 years of experience and knowledge and would love to find new clients to work with!

︎︎︎ gettelgraphics@gmail.com
︎︎︎ Website

Car Wrap

I designed and wrapped this wingless sprint car. This was the first time I have ever wrapped a race car so it was a fun challenge. I also had to make all the logos fit with the racing team’s colors of fluorescent orange, metallic silver, black and white.


This is a zine I created after interviewing TCNJ Alumni Jenna Salerno about her time at the school and her life now as a designer. For this zine I had the challenge to make it in only in black and white and one color. I wanted to challenge myself and only use black and white.


This is the branding I created for my made up ice cream shop Hailey Gelati’s. I wanted to give the brand a fun and playful feeling. I kept the theme of diagonal line and the ice cream symbol as design elements through the different pieces.