Gabe Weinstock

My name is Gabe Weinstock, and I am a graphic designer. Design has been my passion since highschool. My work has included branding, packaging, motion graphics, animation, letterheads, zines, websites, apps, sculptures, you name it I’ve probably done it. My greatest personal strengths are my ideas, my creativity, and finding what I like to call the “heart” of every project. The “heart” is what makes every project or deliverable important. It guides me through the creative process as it helps to remember why you became passionate about the project in the first place.

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Talk to Me Bro

The center and beating heart of my showcase is my senior capstone project, Talk to Me Bro. Talk to Me Bro (or TTMB for short) is a campaign to encourage men to reach out to their Bros and get them to open up about their struggles and emotions. The project included streetwear, stickers, a website, social media, and many other mediums designed to spread the message to all men that it’s time to talk about our feelings.


The mirror is an advertisement for my made-up, inclusivity-centered makeup brand called Clementine. The goal of the mirror advertisement was to promote self love amongst consumers by saying that beauty is who you are, not what you look like (but a little moisturizer wouldn’t hurt).

Ice Scream

Ice Scream is a horror themed ice cream company with flavors based on the all time greatest horror movies. Guaranteed to brighten your day, and frighten your night.

Kayla Rose Tequila

Kayla Rose Tequila is a home-grown, small batch tequila company named after my sister. The bottles are designed to be easily mass produced and as  simple as the ingredients inside. The box is handcrafted and makes for a beautiful display to help Kayla Rose stand out as a leading tequila.


Cena is a self created, display typeface meant to challenge viewers and promote interactivity. With every letter form it asks the question “how much do you need to see to read?”


Cawfee is a ready made coffee company created for Whole Foods as a ready-to-go alternative to your favorite caffeinated beverages.

Piano Man Album Cover Redesign

Last, but not least, is my redesign of Billy Joel’s Piano Man album cover. Meant to match the melodic tones of the album, the type rises and falls letter to letter. If you look closely you will notice that the vinyl sticking out is an actual original Piano Man vinyl record.