Erin Kearny

I'm Erin Kearney, a Graphic Designer with a love for all things illustration, typography, and fun!

Design to me is about being engaging and memorable and making a mark by pushing the boundaries of what's been done and exploring beyond to come to a satisfying conclusion. My mind is constantly full of new things to create, and ideas to explore.


Pastry Palace

Pastry Palace is a fictional bakery selling sweets of all types. The photos for the ads were done custom by me, using photoshop to mask the images and create the ads. The logo is a muffin, but also a chef’s hat.

Tabby’s Place

This is a project about a fictional event for Tabby’s Place to celebrate 20 years of volunteers! All the cat drawings are based on popular cat memes online. 

The Family Code

The Family Code is a novel written by me. The book jacket and interior design is based around the story of a magical mafia called Tetrasteri.